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Why Partner with London Home Physio?

We are a forward thinking company developed and run by physiotherapists!

The aim of our service is to provide high quality care to people in their homes so that there is less pressure on hospitals to provide community care. We visit patient’s mainly in their homes, but also provide treatment in care homes and office environments if that is more convenient for the patient.

We Work as a Team

We are a friendly, highly efficient, communicative and approachable team, and now cover all of London.

Although you will be lone working, you will be fully supported by our team in terms of any clinical or practical questions that you may have… so you never feel alone! Furthermore, your safety is our priority, and we therefore have a lone working policy in place to accommodate for the fact that we know you are on your own.

We Offer Flexibility

Work around times that suit you and treat patients in locations that are convenient for you.

This allows you to be committed to your patients and to keep London Home Physio’s reputation to a high standard.

We Provide Quality Care

We offer appointments of either 45 minutes or 1 hour. This means that you have the time to build a rapport with your patient, and to give a thorough treatment session without feeling rushed.

Often our physiotherapists tell us that they are so pleased to actually have the opportunity to carry out what they were trained to do i.e. physiotherapy. For a change, they can give discharge planning a break!

We Run CPD Events

Outside of your clinical hours, we also offer opportunities to meet as a team, and run CPD events regularly with doctors based in London’s best hospitals and institutions.

How To Get In Touch

If you are a Chartered Physiotherapist working in the NHS or in private practice and are interested in treating patients outside of your working hours in the community, we would be pleased to hear from you.

Please send your CV to info@londonhp.com and we will be sure to get in touch if your CV has the relevant experience.

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