Woman spotted LITERALLY blowing her own trumpet behind the wheel

On Sunday the 26th July 2015, I came across a memorable event, but I wouldn’t say it was for the right reasons. I came across something extraordinary, or let’s say extraordinarily bonkers and irresponsible!

Driving along the M4 at about 50MPH on a fairly congested motorway, we just passed Bristol on the way back to London. I look out my window to see an overly confident lady driving on the left hand lane whilst literally blowing her own trumpet.  Right hand on the wheel and left hand playing the trumpet – on the motorway!

You would hope that I am joking but unfortunately it is fact. We all know the dangers involved if we are not fully focused on the road, our reaction time slows down which can result in major road traffic accidents. I work as a physiotherapist and I have seen all sorts of injuries as a result of road traffic accidents, from multiple broken bones, head injuries, and even people on life support machines in intensive care. Those that are unfortunate enough to be the victim, the rehabilitation process is gruelling not only for the injured but it is also emotionally draining for the family. Many never return to “normal,” they are left disabled for the rest of their lives. So next time you are behind the wheel, think twice or even three times.

Please stop blowing your own trumpet and drive safely!