What’s the Point in Pre-habilitation?

Pre-habilitation or Prehab is an exercise programme that starts a number of weeks before surgery. The principles of prehab is to strengthen and improve the current ability of the patient within the confines of the limb or the body.


We at London Home Physio believe that prehab before any elective operation (whether it is joint replacement surgery, bowel surgery, or cardiac surgery) has its benefits. It has huge scope to increase general fitness, stamina, strength and speed up recovery following hospital discharge.

In the musculoskeletal and orthopaedic world, specialist strength training of muscles and joints whether it’s of the back, knees or hips is also recommended by many surgeons. It is considered to improve circulation, flexibility, mobility, and balance. In general, prehab prepares the body!

For which ever surgery you are due to go for, rather than letting the waiting period for a procedure be one of inactivity and anxiety, Prehab can help you become as ready as possible for your procedure. Our patients often tell us that it familiarises them with their exercises and makes them feel more confident with exercising Day 1 after surgery.

If you are due to have surgery and would like a Prehab programme, you can contact us at London Home Physio on 0207 096 0684 or email info@londonhp.com.