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Sarah, Mill Hill

January 2020

I contacted London Home Physio to find someone to help my father become more mobile and to try and decrease the pain levels he has.  Adam has been wonderful.  He has been patient and encouraging and the sessions have improved my father’s mobility, pain and confidence.

He is about to start his second set of sessions and is very positive about it.

Thank you to everyone at London Home Physio, especially Adam.


Susan, Croydon

January 2020

I was so relieved to discover a physiotherapy service that would come to my home just when I needed it and delighted when the physio assigned to me was as professional, personable and positive as Betty turned out to be.

She was just what I needed, at a point when I wondered if I’d ever properly recover from my injury.  She said I’d be walking by Christmas and she was right!

I cannot recommend this service too highly.  You will not be disappointed.

Anonymous, Whetstone

January 2020

I would like to express my appreciation for the services I have received from London Home Physio.

After two bouts of major surgery, when visits to a physio clinic would have been extremely difficult, I found the services offered by Dhwani and the team at London Home Physio an invaluable aid to my recovery.



Anonymous, Stanmore

January 2020

Hily displays a special interest  in my condition together with a keen desire to progress my recovery with tolerable exercises and concern for my general well-being.

Her advice is much valued and appreciated.

She is a joy to have around, always cheerful yet professional and a pleasure to deal with.

I look forward to her visits.

Anonymous, London

December 2019

London Home Physio were prompt in providing a service, which was highly professional, reliable and effective.

I would use them again and definitely recommend them to friends and family.

Paul, Hammersmith

December 2019

On release from the Wellington Hospital after a knee replacement I sought to have home physio visits to continue with my recovery. We tried two clinics who said they would call back but never did. At the hospital we were given London Home Physio’s details and I am pleased to say the response was both prompt and professional.I arranged for three visits during the period following my release and prior to returning to Scotland and London Home Physio sent me Betty.  Betty was punctual, delightful and clearly in command of what was needed. She worked me hard but sympathetically and after the three sessions I was sorry that we could not have gone on and done more.Betty’s professional attitude and skill means that my recovery has been aided and advanced by her assistance. Thank you London Home Physio and Betty.

Stephen Lewis, Potters Bar

November 2019

Hily has been providing physio to my wife, who is a MS sufferer, for the last couple of years. During this time my wife has not experienced any deterioration in mobility issues and this stabilisation has resulted in her maintaining some degree of independence which is a great comfort to her.

We are both very pleased with the level of care provided by Hily.

Anonymous, London

November 2019

My friend has had several physio visits over the last few months in the convenience of her own home. She received very good service from the physiotherapist, Susan, who was professional and very knowledgeable at all times. Her services were very much appreciated.

MTK, Central London

November 2019

Jill is an outstanding physical therapist. As an athlete, I have used many physical therapists over the years and Jill is one of the best. Highly recommended.

Sheila, Kenton

November 2019

I am really happy with the service given by Hily to my daughter suffering with MS. I believe Hily has helped to slow down the progression of the disease and I cannot recommend London Home Physio enough.

Robbie, Muswell Hill

October 2019

In July 2019 I broke my hip and was recommended to Hily Perpinyal by my GP. It’s thanks to her physiotherapy that I was able to walk sooner than I thought possible. She was brilliant and so patient. I can’t praise her and her team enough.


Paula, Dalston

September 2019

I broke my tibia and fibula as well as sustained ligament damage on both ankles and feet just over three months ago. I booked through London Home Physio as it was difficult for me to leave home.

Physiotherapist Caroline has been the most fantastic support to me. She visited me twice a week for a couple of months and provided me with excellent care, exercises and support. I cannot thank her enough for helping me through this difficult time. She is truly wonderful and extremely professional and experienced. I recommend her very highly indeed.

Dealing with the office for initial appointments and payments was also very easy.

Bryan, Croydon

August 2019

Bryan suffered a severe fracture on one of his legs which required a surgical procedure and physiotherapy. Thanks to the care and guidance of Betty the physiotherapist, he was able to resume normal daily activities after a few months of weekly appointments.  We would highly recommend London Home Physio for their efficient service and friendly staff.


Josefina, Mile End

July 2019

Betty from London Home Physio has been a great help after my husband broke his femur.

After months of not walking, she got him standing up and moving after the  first session. We are now working on going up and down the stairs, even if it is only two steps at a time.  I highly recommend London Home Physio – their support is outstanding.

Jill, Finchley

July 2019

Just to say how delighted I am with the wonderful service I have had from your Company.

I have had two lots of major surgeries in six months.   My physiotherapist Geetha  has been invaluable to me.   My initial recovery from my first op was down to her expertise, with the second a full knee replacement I did have NHS physio which I then had to compliment with Geetha.   She introduced me to the mini cycle which I bought online for £25. This machine strengthens your thighs which is necessary to recovery.

I would recommend your service without hesitation it is worth every penny.

One of the most important things in life is your health and London Home Physio safeguards it.

Thank you so much

Rodney, Waltham Abbey

July 2019

I have been seeing Hily and other members of her team for many years and everyone is very helpful and supportive and I would highly recommended London Home Physio.

Caroline, Vauxhall

July 2019

Victoria has been a few times to help my 90 year old, very wobbly husband be more mobile

She is an utter delight.

Professional, very knowledgeable, she gets him working out with humour and “bossiness”.   It is a joy to watch them laughing and him grumbling good naturedly at her

He enjoys her visits and it makes him so much stronger and more robust.

We shall sign up for more physiotherapy from her, she is a real treasure.


Anonymous, Belsize Park

July 2019

Michael has been looking after my mother weekly for many months –  she always looks forward to the sessions, finding them both stimulating and yet safe.  She is 90 years old and has Altzheimer’s, and it is fantastic for her to have this ongoing support.  I highly recommend London Home Physio.

Anne, Enfield

July 2019

Really efficient team, and Mobs has been fantastic – very motivated and motivating. He has helped me grow in confidence and achieve more than I expected, I have really valued our sessions.

Sophie, Lewisham

June 2019

Betty is a fantastic physio – she took time to really understand the nature of what I needed in terms of rehabilitation and I’ve seen great results. Her caring, gentle and supportive approach has been great.

Corinne, Dulwich

June 2019

I have been delighted with the services of your physio Victoria.  She has very much helped me in my recovery after a knee replacement.  She has proved to be a friendly and experienced physiotherapist and a true professional.  Three months after my operation I feel I am virtually ‘back to normal’ and am very grateful for her committed help.


Mark, Crystal Palace

May 2019

Two days ago I was in so much nerve pain I just could not cope anymore.   I contacted London Home Physio at silly o’clock on a Saturday morning not expecting to get a response, they responded straight away and found me a physio for that evening to come to my home.

That evening Dan my Physio turned up at my home, assessed me and gave me a few simple exercise to do, he was very polite and respectful of the pain I was in, and very patient with me.

Anyway, long story made short, it’s now Monday morning, I have slept, I feel so so much better and I have even managed to take the dog on a short walk.
I can’t thank London Home Physio enough.

Thank you again.

Anonymous,  Harrow

March 2019

My 96 year old father has greatly benefited from your at home physio service for 15 months. We cannot praise your staff enough, especially Michael who was the physio for my father.   They were always extremely professional, courteous and friendly. Your company offer a brilliant service !



Anonymous, Southgate

May 2019

I am very satisfied with the services provided by Michael. Your physio was always on time and did a great job. I have seen him on numerous occasions over the years and I would highly recommend him.

Barbara, Morden

April 2019

In February I broke my femur and elbow whilst on holiday abroad.  On my discharge my local hospital said they would arrange for the District/Community physio to visit me at home but said it could take a while for that to happen and said that if I could arrange some private physio in the interim it would be beneficial to my recovery.

My family contacted London Home Physio and I have been seeing Beata Diakowska.  I would like to record my thanks for all the work she has done for me over the last few weeks.

Anonymous, Finchley

March 2019

Following back surgery and osteoarthritis in my left knee I have been having physiotherapy with Hily Perpinyal, who has been coming to my house weekly for the past year.
I have found Hily’s treatment and exercises extremely beneficial. They have helped my lower back pain and improved my mobility

Hily is a capable and caring person whom I am happy to recommend.

Don, Edmonton

February 2019

Having undergone a Total Knee Replacement in April 2018, my journey has been a long, slow road. At times I had doubts as to whether I did the right thing, such was the agonising pain. However, today (11 months later) I’m in a much better place thanks to Mobs, my physiotherapist. His knowledge, patience, the holistic approach and encouragement was key to my recovery, which I continue to this day. Still a way to go, but I’m getting there. Back and front of LHP, the staff, Hily, Nicola uphold the same characteristics with an extra dose of understanding and warmth. All are a credit to the profession.

Jim, North Kensington

January 2019

After a long period in hospital my mobility (which was very bad prior  to hospitalisation) was nonexistent. I contacted London Home Physio who gave me an excellent and knowledgeable physio called Mostapha who three times per week takes me through a series of exercises and now in three months I am mobile with a zimmer frame and find getting in and out of bed easy. It’s a slow but positive process and my aim is to walk on crutches and then a walking stick which we think is achievable! Well done Mostapha and London Home Physio!

Jill, Enfield

December 2018

I have had two visits from Geetha and am delighted with the treatment I have received.  I can be sure my road to recovery is down to her great advice. Jonathan is a pleasure to talk to and very helpful, all round an excellent service is what you provide.

Ahmed, Peckham

November 2018

Great service and advice. Booked for my mum after she had major shoulder problems. Our GP said it was a frozen shoulder but Victoria correctly diagnosed it as a muscle issue. After around 6 sessions my mum’s shoulder was fine. Would highly recommend!

Abs, Colindale

October 2018

Hily has a wonderful caring bed side manner. She spent the time to understand the complex conditions my uncle has following a year in hospital following multiple surgeries. Within one month my uncle is now able to move independently up and down the stairs and is now working towards venturing outside. The trust developed between Hily and my uncle has been key to the speed of his recovery and improving his quality of life. I would highly recommended Hily and London Home Physio services!

Isobel, Chiswick

September 2018

Anke came to help with Physio following my hip operation.  She is a delightful and helpful person.  Her instructions were clear, carefully planned and adjusted over 5 hour sessions during which I made steady progress.

I have pleasure in recommending her wholeheartedly.

Christine, Streatham

August 2018

I broke my ankle in Sept 2017 and found it very difficult to get back on my feet after the operation I had and many weeks of being immobile. I contacted London Home Physio through their website and found them extremely personable and accommodating. I received physio for a few months with a lovely therapist called Naomi. I felt that the service was professional but friendly and I felt really cared for. I’d highly recommend this practice and should I ever need physio in the future I wouldn’t hesitate to contact them again.

Nikki, Hammersmith

August 2018

My sister had a severe stroke in November 2017 and is now in a care home. As she was not getting any physiotherapy in the care home, I was delighted to find London Home Physio. From my initial phone call, they have been so helpful and incredibly efficient. Anke has been working with my sister for the last 3 months. She is very professional and has a lovely, caring manner with her patients also with the carers and family around her. It is very clear that my sister has responded really well to the treatment she has received. Anke has been such a support in so many different areas. She has an ability to get my sister to go over and beyond what she would normally and she has given my sister her determination back and her confidence is finally growing. Anke is brilliant at giving me regular feedback particularly as I live away so I cannot visit my sister regularly. Anke has helped me find a brilliant OT and has also liased with the company we rent the wheel chair from. I can highly recommend Anke and I can honestly say I do not know what we would have done without LHP.

Rhod, Ealing

July 2018

As soon as I realised I needed physio on my broken leg, I searched on google and London Home Physio was my preferred option and from the outset, they were outstanding. Simon was first class, and every time he came, he was thorough, but gentle at the same time. He was the perfect physio and if ever I need treatment again, London Home Physio will be getting a call. Thank you very much to all, Rhod

Sheryl, Finchley

July 2018

We cannot thank Hily enough for all the help she has provided for my mother. When my mother fell and broke her sacrum a few days after her 90th birthday, she was in severe pain, unable to walk and had lost all her confidence to be able to look after herself. My mother is fiercely independent but immediately felt at ease with Hily. After only one visit from her, my mother’s determination to recover was evident immediately. Hily has a delightful manner and is truly exceptional not only in the quality of service she provides, but also in the level of caring and sensitivity that she demonstrates during her sessions. I believe that my mother’s rapid recovery was only achieved because of Hily and feel very fortunate that we found her. We are so very grateful to her.

Sara, Holloway

June 2018

I recently had hip replacement surgery after a road accident, excellent hospital treatment, but not adequate Physio. For that, I was helped greatly by Danny from London Home Physio. I wish I had contacted home physio earlier, as my recovery was very much helped by his sensitive treatment.

Naz, Stratford

June 2018

I am not one to write reviews but I feel for all those families in a similar situation to ours, that this review will provide the confidence that London home physio are the right choice for your loved one.
My dad sadly suffered a stroke which has left his right side immobile, and the nhs physio wasn’t able to work with dad for a number of weeks. Therefore given time was a critical factor in dads recovery we decided as a family to pay for a private physio. Finding the right one was the key.

After many calls we decided on London Home physio.

We couldn’t be happier with our decision, Mobs who has worked with dad is not only a caring person , working and pushing dad given his vast experience working with stroke patients but my father has developed a trust with Mobs and thanks to both of their efforts my dad is on the road to recovery. I would whole heartedly recommend London home physio, for not only taking the time to understand both my dad and our needs but engendering a human touch in what is a distressful situation.

From my initial conversation with Hily who very much put both the family and patient at the heart of the treatment, we are happy to share our story if it helps other families know there are good people there to help .

Anonymous, Hampstead

May 2018

My elderly mother has had two visits from Michael, the physio, who she has been really impressed with. She says he is extremely gentle and very knowledgeable. She was quite reluctant to have another physio after some previous experiences, and after having Michael says she finds it odd that others call themselves qualified when they have no where near the knowledge and understanding that he displays.

Anonymous, Watford

May 2018

Luciana has given me physiotherapy for twelve sessions and has given several effective exercises to improve my walking, posture and confidence following a major operation. She has been professional in her approach but always encouraging, congratulating my achievements but also urging me to perform better. She has been a charming and great help to me in regaining my strength and confidence to walk again properly.

John & Josie, Upton Park

April 2018

We are pleased to be able to give our feedback of the services provided by London Home Physio by way of Mobolaji Lewis (Mobs) -Josie’s physio for preparing her for and recovery from her total knee replacement surgery.
We have been very satisfied from day one with his professionalism, firmness, understanding, politeness, encouragement and knowledge that he has shown throughout Josie’s physio sessions and in telephone calls seeking reinsurance.
Firmness, in getting Josie motivated to do the exercises necessary, understanding when it was time to relax on some exercises due to pain, and his understanding with the problems that are associated with knee surgery recovery.
We do not hesitate in praising him for what he has been able to achieve with Josie’s recovery and have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone requiring a personal physio especially home visits.
We will automatically request his services if and when Josie requires knee replacement surgery on her other leg (or in any situation requiring a physio at home).
Thank you Mobs, for all the help, kindness and support you have given us though out Josie’s physio session.


April 2018

Tribute to London Home Physio’s!
Our daughter was recently in hospital with very seriously fractured right foot, ankle and ribs and she has benefitted from twice a week visits from very experienced physiotherapists, which was arranged through London Home Physio.
The therapists were kind, reliable and there was very regular and good communication with the therapists aswell as with the office.
As a result our daughter’s injuries have healed well and since then she has regularly continued her training with the very practical exercises given to her by the physiotherapists.
We can fully recommend the service.

Jenny, Islington

March 2018

I found Mark Wilkinson totally excellent. He balances humour with seriousness, encouragement with challenge, sensitivity with toughness and never forgets what has happened in previous sessions. I have many times groaned and refused and whined and he has known just when to push and when to hold back.
It’s 5 weeks tomorrow since my double knee surgery and today I walked a good distance, admittedly rather slowly and carefully, without a crutch and I can see that soon I can banish the wretched thing permanently.

Clarissa, Hampstead

February 2018

Luciana and Nathalie are superb physiotherapists. My elderly father had a terrible accident and was unable to move for 4 months during recovery so his muscles wasted away. We tried various physiotherapists and a specialist residential clinic when the time came for him to rebuild his muscles, but without much success. Then we found London Home Physio – Nathalie and Luciana are extremely knowledgeable and professional and have the personal skills to have transformed my father’s care: they are warm, caring and fun but hard as steel underneath, so they have succeeded in motivating a depressed, stubborn and damaged man to put his all into recovering – he looks forward to their visits, does his exercises, and he has now amazingly begun to walk again!

Shally, Harrow

February 2018

In early 2016 my mum suffered a stroke which resulted in the loss of movement on her left side. Mum got some initial rehab in hospital but unfortunately not much movement came back and we placed her in a lovely care home. My mum was always independent, strong and determined before her stroke and these qualities have stuck with her. It was because of her determination that I set out to look for physio that would share her enthusiasm and hard work and be able to see Mum in the care home. I went onto the official physio website and found London home physio.

Since around August 2016 Hily and (more recently) Luciana have been treating my mum. They are both extremely knowledgeable and professional but also very kind and engaging with my mum. Encouraging when she has the extra energy and motivating when she is a little low. They have improved her well-being by providing much needed exercise and stretching but by also providing mum with techniques whereby mum can feel less reliant upon others. They professionally guide mum through her progress and offer realistic goals, to ensure the small steps of improvement are able to be met. They vary exercises to keep mum interested. They interact very well between themselves and mum and I can see that they care and want to help to give mum a good result at the end of every session.

I recommend them highly, for their friendly and warm nature, their continued hard work and professionalism but most of all for their knowledge and experience. I struggled to find a physio that could help with a stroke/Neuro patient outside of hospital or a clinic. So finding Hily, Luciana and their team has been a godsend. Their understanding of mums condition and their continued work with mum is invaluable.

Anonymous, Kensington

February 2018

Without hesitation, we highly recommend London Home Physio. Their team is professional, caring, and flexible, which is hard to find. No matter what came up, they bent over backwards to accommodate our schedule. London Home Physio transformed a challenging situation into an experience that was pleasant and led to a smooth and effective recovery..

Carol, Islington

January 2018

I contacted London physio after my knee replacement operation in November. I got an appointment right away and had a home visit from a lovely lady called Amy. She did a full assessment of my knee and we went though the exercises. I had 6 sessions in a total and six weeks after my op I was walking up and the stairs. I would recommend London Home Physio to anyone – a great service and well worth the money. I will be having my second knee replacement later this year and I will be using them again.

Elena, Stanmore

November 2017

My experience with London Home Physio with Mrs Hily Perpinyal (physiotherapist) has been fantastic. I have had a surgical procedure on my knee, ACL and MCL reconstruction and I needed physio treatment, I was not able to drive or walk. Hily has been coming to my home providing everything I needed and done so on my times to adapt to my family life. Hily was so professional and every week I noticed improvements. I was very motivated and I was doing exercises myself but was making mistakes and Hily managed to get me doing them properly and cheering me up during the process because this stage of postoperative treatment is difficult . If you require physiotherapy I recommend London Home Physio services without a doubt.

Fiona, Borehamwood

September 2017

In February, I shattered my lower left leg: technical term: Tibial Plateau Fracture Schatzker V1. I arrived home from ten days in hospital non-weight bearing and very worried about everything. Hana arrived and listened first, then calmly and professionally worked on a plan. I gained confidence because of the way she worked with my surgeon to enable my recovery. Even though months of recovery lay ahead in those early days, I could see that Hana, with her knowledge and kind patience, would work to ensure that I gained back my ability to walk and walk well. Every week she pushed me to the next stage until now I am walking only with a cane. She is now checking my gait so that, when I walk finally without the cane, I will walk properly. I cannot say how much Hana’s help has mattered to me.

Geoffrey, Islington

July 2017

My physio, Becky, is a ray of sunshine who gets me to move with warm nudging.
I am 87 years old and have normal pressure hydrocephalus. After several long spells in hospitals for various reasons, I can only walk short distances with a frame, and am mostly dependent on wheelchairs. I also suffer from various aches and pains in my knees and right hand.
Becky works with me to strengthen both my upper body and my legs. She adjusts to my condition of the day and has a wide range of exercises to deal with my issues. She is caring and knowledgeable but also a real morale booster. Even when I am tired and don’t really want to do any exercises, she somehow gets me to do more than I think I can.

Rachel, Richmond

July 2017

My mother is very resistant to, and defensive about, any interventions, including physio, so I have been so relieved that she actually likes Naomi and has been happy to carry on physio with her.
That may not seem like much, but it’s actually praise indeed!

Mr Issadeen, Kensington

July 2017

My physio Alex has always been punctual, she has a pleasant mannerism and is never rushed. I will always recommend her to any of my friends who require treatment.

George, Chingford

June 2017

I’ve had very good sessions with my physiotherapist, Geetha, and I would recommend London Home Physio to anyone needing help

Valerie, Wanstead

May 2017

The team at London Home Physio have been helping my brother, Keith, following his stroke. They have visited him at the nursing home regularly over the past year, and it is lovely to see the improvements in the range of movements he can make. Suggestions have also been made of other ways to improve Keith’s quality of life, and has been a great help in getting this equipment in place. This has benefited Keith tremendously. I can’t thank Hily and her team enough for all they have done, and I do not know what we would have done without them.

Jennifer, Maida Vale

April 2017

I am so glad that I rang London Home Physio. I was in severe pain and I couldn’t walk. The help I received from start to finish was sympathetic and extremely professional. The visit by Sharon was a blessing. She arrived punctually and set about the assessment. She was very thorough in her examination and seemed also to tune in to my situation intuitively. She devoted herself to finding the source of my problem and having done so, offered treatment solutions. Sharon’s guidance, assistance and information exceeded my expectations and I felt immediately relieved.

Isabel, Golders Green

April 2017

My 90-year-old mother has severe dementia and after an accident at her care home which resulted in a broken hip, Hily started working with my mother, visiting three times a week to try and restore mobility. Sadly this was not possible but Hily has proved to be an exceptional individual who has established a real rapport with my mother. Hily now visits twice a week, as much for her ability to interact with my mother as the stretching, massage and general physiotherapy. This has been a long term relationship, borne of Hily’s interpersonal skills and she has been an absolute blessing and a real support for me as well as my mother.

Colin, Aldenham

March 2017

Extremely professional physio service providing expert support to patients and accurate feedback to clinicians.

Having seen rapid improvement in my wife’s ability to recover following a knee replacement operation and backed up by frequent positive feedback from many other patients who have benefited from the service I cannot recommend London Home Physio highly enough.

Erica, Walthamstow

March 2017

Hily has been working with my 91-year-old uncle since he reluctantly went into a nursing home. Their regular physio sessions have been a real lifeline in keeping him mobile, and providing vital encouragement and stimulation, since he lost most of his treasured independence suddenly due to poor health a year ago. Raymond really enjoys these sessions, both inside and outside in the garden, and we have all found Hily’s genuine care and concern for his overall well being very reassuring. We have been 100% happy with the high standard of service received from all Hily’s colleagues at London Home Physio who have worked with Ray. Their excellent communication, professionalism and willingness to be flexible to fit around the home’s routines and any changing needs has made a difficult situation feel a lot more positive for Ray and family.

Celia, East Finchley

March 2017

Thank you so much for your invaluable help and kindness. In just over 2 months I am completely recovered, can now walk unaided, go out for lunch and am fitter than before. And I am almost 94! Many thanks in aiding a miraculous recovery.

Anonymous, Harrow

Feb 2017

First and foremost, on behalf of us all, particularly my mum and dad, a big thank you for looking after my mum.
It was so overwhelming watching mum walk… for me it was the first time I actually saw this.
Thanks to you, her confidence has grown, and it’s sealed her faith in that she can regain some mobility and independence.

T. Lewis, Potters Bar

Jan 2017

My physiotherapist is very friendly, professional and always prompt.
My Exercises have enabled me to get out of bed and move more confidently – I therefore do not need a carer because I am more independent.
I always look forward to my physiotherapy treatments sessions.

Vajradaka Dh.

Nov 2016

Hily is an enabler.
My 95 year old mother Maggie had been hospitalised, bed bound and had not sat up for more than three months. During that time the specialists thought she was going to die but more recently it was clear that she was not ill any more but just could not move much. At that point Hily started working with her both mentally in terms of giving her good sound reasons to do the work and physically to get her up and moving.

I have been with them both in each session and it has been a delight to watch Hily help Maggie get through her feebleness and sense of helplessness to becoming strong minded and physically stronger again. There is a genuine sense of mutual collaboration between them both and Maggie has come to completely trust Hily in her judgement and become closely engaging with her in the rehabilitation process. As a relative I have felt included and part of that process as well.

I strongly recommend Hily

Anonymous, Bounds Green

July 2016

Having met Aleksandra for the first time several weeks ago we knew we would get on well. She is totally committed and professional in her dealings with a patient, plus she has a delightful personality, at the same time displaying obvious strengths in her training and dedication to the person she is dealing with. She has helped my husband regain a lot of his mobility and also confidence in a very short time, and for this we are extremely grateful. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who needs help. Thank you Aleksandra

Janette, Enfield

July 2016

I am pleased to say how much better my back is since I first saw you 3 or 4 weeks ago.As you know I was in great pain with pulled muscles in my lower back & could hardly move!
I think I can safely say that I am better following your treatment & have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone who wants to get better as soon as possible.

Mr Noel Floate, Radlett

Miss Hily, physiotherapist of London Home Physio visited me at home five times over a period of six weeks following my left knee replacement surgery. She was recommended by the physio looking after me at the London Wellington Hospital. She was excellent in meeting my needs and reassuring me in that difficult time. Her pleasant, inspiring, competent and encouraging service made such a real difference to my distinct steps of recovery. When her service ended, she also advised me so effectively regarding the planned treatment of massage for my swollen legs I subsequently needed.

Mrs Doreen Langston , Chingford

I had a hip replacement operation in October 2015. I was recommended by a friend, Hily from London Home Physio. It was very convenient Hily doing home visits and she soon had me back walking without any aid. Hily was very supportive and encouraged me to build up my confidence to push myself to walk normally. I have no hesitation in recommending her.

Chris Dawson , Chingford

I have Secondary Progressive MS and after a 2 month stay in hospital needed help to regain my strength and muscle tone.
I was very lucky to find Hily and have been seeing her for 7 months. I have made significant progress under her care and direction both during her visits and on my own. She is an inspirational physiotherapist and is the light at the end of the tunnel.
I look forward to continue working with Hily in the future.

Helen L, Golders Green

I am 95 and Hily has improved my movement so much with her exercises which I do every day. I really enjoy doing them as I can feel the strength coming back in my muscles and joints. She is a gentle persuasion and I look forward to her visits

Tim P.S , Hampstead

I came out of hospital with a bad rib injury and a collarbone with a long plate in the arm was in sling. I contacted London Home Physio on the day I came home – a Friday. Hily came on the following Tuesday. I liked her and engaged her straight away. The sessions have been quite tough and I did them on my own religiously but Hily always pushes you forward so you get a feeling not of repetition but of progress. In three weeks I was able to return to work, which was frankly miraculous, and I put it down almost entirely to Hily and the work we have done together. The fact that she came to the house for these sessions was the icing on the cake!

Amit and Poonam S, Hampstead

Hily started treating our father a few weeks after he arrived home from the hospital following a gruelling 5 months stay and a 10 hour emergency heart operation. The doctors were not too positive regarding his ability to walk again and we all prepared for the worst. Not many of the physiotherapists we interviewed were enthusiastic to treat our Dad, however from the first day Hily came on board she was a delight to work with. Her knowledge and expertise in treating recovering heart patients was astounding and her overall upbeat nature has been a real motivating force in our Dad’s recovery.

She approaches each physio session with total professionalism, fully prepared and punctual. We have nothing but the highest regard for her and will always be more than grateful for her hard work and dedication.

Our father is now walking around the house, in the garden and up and down the stairs and we are so pleased that his independence is being restored. This would not have been possible without Hily and for this we will always highly recommend her to everyone.

Emma and Jean T, North Finchley

Hily is a very professional and friendly person. She has been marvelous in assessing the needs of my mother (aged 94) and encouraging her to exercise to strengthen her muscles and regain confidence. My mother and I highly regard Hily and think she is a great Physio.

Caroline, Walthamstow

Hily has been fantastic in helping me regain strength and flexibility after my knee replacement. Warm, supportive, always smiling but no pushover, she’s a pleasure to work with. I have found her to be professional, knowledgeable and thoughtful, and have been very impressed by her holistic approach – she understands the importance of mental well-being to physical recovery. I always look forward to her visits!

Ruth, Harrow

Hily has been working with me to support my breathing and improve my mobility following a recent fall. I have found Hily to be extremely competent and professional in her approach, taking time to make a full assessment of my problems and capabilities before setting a progressive exercise programme for me. The exercises have increased my general strength so that i don’t feel so tired and I am steadily becoming able to do more for myself. Hily is very supportive and encouraging which has helped me to regain confidence in my own ability and to believe that I can become more independent again. I would wholeheartedly recommend her services.

Albert, Mill Hill East

Hily came, completely unknown to me, and was very satisfactory. I would use her services again if needed