Lower Back Pain: The Global Leader in Disability

Low back pain causes more disability worldwide than any other condition. Statistics show that 80% of the population will experience back pain at some stage in their lifetime, with the greatest risk in men aged 35 to 55 and in agricultural work.

There are many factors that could contribute to back pain from a traumatic event such as a fall, to being over weight, to carrying out repetitive movements at work that puts unwanted stresses on the spine. Whatever the cause, the outcome of it can be devastating with many people becoming stressed anxious and depressed. Low back pain may affect not only the individual, but it may have a rippling effect on family and loved ones. Below you can see the physical and psychological impact of pain and the vicious cycle it has on the individual.

Back Pain

Vicious Cycle of Pain

What many people don’t realise is that pain does not mean one should stay in bed for long periods of time. In actual fact, physiotherapists recommend that with back pain it is very important to stay active so your muscles do not weaken and waste away. If your back pain does not go away, your physiotherapist may be able to help you with specific exercises, manual therapy and possibly acupuncture to give you pain relief.

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