Living with a heart condition? Cardiac Rehabilitation may be just what you need!

Cardiac rehabilitation is important for individuals with heart conditions. Whether you have had a heart attack, a coronary angioplasty, some form of heart surgery such as a heart bypass, angina, or heart failure, it is vital for you to do cardiac rehabilitation. If you have just been discharged from hospital, cardiac rehabilitation is important to help you get back to your usual activities as soon as possible.

We cannot forget that exercise together with long-term lifestyle changes, such as watching your diet, following medication advice and quitting smoking all helps to protect your heart. Research has proven that cardiac rehabilitation reduces your risk of dying and helps to keep you out of hospital for longer after something happens to your heart.

To gain the benefits of exercise, cardiac patients should carry out cardiovascular or aerobic exercises. These includes walking, cycling, jogging and dancing. Cardiovascular/aerobic activities and exercise allow your heart rate to increase steadily and to stay elevated for a continuous period of time. The benefits of this type of exercise for cardiac patients include:

  • – Improved working ability and efficiency of the heart, especially the pumping action
  • – Increased exercise tolerance, so that you can do more work before you fatigue or experience any pains
  • – Reduction in blood pressure
  • – Exercise helps to improve the health of the vessels where the blood travels.
  • – Exercise helps to prevent further development of fatty plaques in the vessels, which subsequently maintains the blood flow
  • – Exercise helps to improve circulation of blood so that the heart muscle itself gets the oxygen it needs to work efficiently.

If you have a cardiac condition, and if you need guidance as to how to carry out your exercises properly, you can get in contact with London Home Physio to set up an initial assessment, and we will do our best to help you. Please call 0207 096 0684 or email: