Junior Doctor strikes – are Doctors just small cogs in a large machine?

Junior doctors around the country have been striking understandably. They’ve been asked to work longer hours with less pay. But what impact do these strikes have on our society?

Doctor Cog in A machine

On Patients at home…
Being a home visiting physiotherapist, I have witnessed the impact that it has had on my vulnerable patients. One patient of mine refused to attend A+E on the basis that he would be wasting his time, waiting in long queues for a doctor to see him. I’m sure he is one of many who are risking their health as a result of the strikes.

On Patients on the ward…
If there is little man power, processes are ultimately slower. Sick patients needing medical attention have to wait. Hundreds of planned operations such as hip and knee replacements have been cancelled.

On Physiotherapists amongst other health professionals…
They cannot do their job without the go ahead of a doctor. Physiotherapists, occupational therapists, social workers, and discharge coordinators cannot send patients home without the doctor agreeing to this. Doctors are not small cogs in a large machine as quoted by somebody in The Guardian, they are in fact LARGE cogs in a large machine.