How can we avoid frailty as we get older – here are some tips…

For those aged 70 plus, frailty can be very common. However, there are many steps to take to avoid it.
Here are London Home Physio’s top tips:

Tip Number 1 – Stay Active
It is important as we get older to stay active. We all have the ability to build muscle and gain strength and stamina through exercise at an elder age so this must be taken advantage of. With the help of physiotherapists this is possible, especially like us – who can help tailor exercise programmes specifically to your needs in the comfort of your own home.

Tip Number 2 – Think about your environmental risk factors
We can all help to prevent falls in the homes by assessing risk factors: Is the light too dim, can you see where you’re going, is that rug moving or is stuck down well to the ground, is that bath mat going to stop any slipping…

Tip Number 3 – Review medications with your doctor
Certain medications can further increase the risk of poor balance and falls or can interact with other substances that people are consuming. Be sure to read instructions and risks in packaging.

Tip Number 4 – Eat nutritious food
Healthy lifestyles, including good nutrition is also important. What you put into your body ultimately decides how you move, talk and function. Consider visiting a dietician or having meals prepared by healthy food preparation services, in order to make sure you are getting a healthy and balanced diet.

We hope the above tips will help to prevent frailty in our older age. If you know anyone who suffers from frailty or who you want to help avoid this, please contact us for our home physiotherapy services around London: 0207 096 0684!