Health Promotion within our Local Community

Yesterday I went to Barnet Multi Cultural Community Centre in Hendon, and gave a well-being lecture to members of our society from Barnet Asian Old Peoples Association. The members usually attend the day centre once or twice a week to exercise and socialise. I therefore thought it would be a great opportunity to educate the older members of our society on how to look after their health such as by exercising as well as how to prevent falls at home. Falls particularly is a big issue in today’s society with one in three people aged 65+ falling each year. I explained to them how many people enter a vicious cycle of physical deconditioning and psychological deterioration just because they develop this great fear of falling. The majority of them seemed to empathise particularly with this point, maybe due to them self reflecting and recognising that they were once part of this “vicious cycle”, which is so difficult to break away from. I gave them suggestions on how to manage their falls, and advised that there is help available from their GPs as well as home physiotherapists.

Overall everybody appeared to engage in the discussion and the feedback was positive. My goal was for each person to take away at least one bit of knowledge from this lecture, which I think I succeeded in doing!