Just had your hip or your knee replaced? How can physiotherapy help you?

Hip and knee replacements are common and highly successful operations that bring many people relief from pain and improved mobility. Thousands of these joint replacement operations take place in the UK every year.

At the hospital soon after your surgery, your physiotherapist would have helped you back onto your feet and would have guided you with early post operative exercises. On your return home and in the first few weeks following your surgery, it is important that you continue to get the correct guidance with regards to what walking aids you should be using, what exercises you should be progressing to and how to resume your normal activities. Your new joint may be sore, tender, warm and irritable for several weeks or months and the scar can take time to settle. After having a joint replacement it may be difficult for you to get to your clinic for physiotherapy or you may have not been referred on for any more treatment. In this case, orthopaedic physiotherapists from London Home Physio can come to you in the comforts of your own home and help you rehabilitate. Physiotherapy should start as soon as possible particularly on your return home from hospital to help speed your recovery. Research shows it can improve your mobility and activity levels, shorten the amount of time you are off work and it greatly improves your quality of life.

During physiotherapy it is important that goals are set based on what is most important to you. Treatment is generally aimed at improving your strength and range of movement around the particular joint, improving your mobility and stamina and finding ways around any problems you’re experiencing. Your physiotherapist can practice the stairs with you, walking outdoors and even getting on public transport with you to help regain your confidence.

If you know that you’re having surgery coming up, you can get in contact with us and we can set up an initial assessment on your return home from hospital. Please call London Home Physio on 0207 096 0684 or email: info@londonhp.com.