Guidance for your computer work station

Are you required to sit at the computer for long hours at work? Does your back sometimes feel stiff and uncomfortable? Do you ever feel that your wrist and fingers get sore from typing and using the mouse? Have you ever had a neck ache? Do you ever sit like this?!

computer desk

Most of us spend hours at the desk every day. We often develop bad habits sitting in an incorrect posture which can lead to long term injuries. It is always easier to prevent injuries rather than to cure them, so here are some of my tips for you:

  • Recline your chair about 10 degrees so that your head is sitting above your spine. This will prevent you from developing a forward head posturephysiotherapy bent back
  • Sit as far back in your chair as possible to ensure good back support. You can always purchase a lumbar support cushion to help close the gap.

physiotherapy back support

  • Keep your arms relaxed by your side. You want your forearms level with the keyboard.
  • Your eyes should be in line with the middle of your screen
  • You want your feet touching the floor. You may find that a foot rest may be necessary to give you support.


You could even do a few stretches whilst sitting in the chair to help prevent muscle strain. It is recommended you move about for a few minutes every hour. This full body stretching programme could even prevent you from an injury:
Neck movements

physiotherap excersize 1









Shoulder rotations

physiotherapy excersize 2








Wrist stretches

physiotherap excersize 2











Rotating your spine
physiotherapy 4


Stretching your hamstrings

physiotherapy 5


Rotating your ankles

physiotherapy 6





If you have from an injury as a result of a poor work station, please get in touch with London Home Physio on 0207 096 0684 to book your initial assessment today.