Disability Awareness Day – What should this mean to you?

Since 1992, Disability Awareness Day has been marked on a Sunday in July by the local authorities and charities across the UK. But what should this day mean to someone who is a not a health professional and not disabled? My opinion is that we all know people whether it is friends or family who may have a physical disability. If we are close enough to them, we should think about how their physical disability is impacting on their psychological and emotional needs.

Giving somebody their independence back and improving their quality of life can be done through having physiotherapy. Let me give you an example: If I assess a client who’s goal is to be able to take themselves to the toilet independently, that is what treatment will focus on. Teaching the client how to get up from the chair, strengthen their arms and legs, and improve their mobility. And what impact does this have on the client? They get back their dignity by being able to use the toilet, which is something so personal that even young children can do for themselves. They build up their confidence and their self worth.


This year Disability Awareness Day will take place in Warrington on Sunday 13th July with a great exhibition: http://www.disabilityawarenessday.org.uk/

If you have physical difficulties or if you know somebody who does, please call London Home Physio on 0207 096 0684 or email info@londonhp.com to book an initial assessment. Please remember you do not need to suffer alone!