Bringing exercise to the ELDERLY

In order to help you in the best way possible, we at London Home Physio treat each patient individually, according to their personal stories.

We see many clients at home of all age groups but particularly the elderly, whilst we also run KEEP FIT classes in sheltered houses.

Exercise helps develop the mind-body connection, and is so vital for older people who may regard the body as cumbersome baggage. As people grow older, they experience successive losses. These losses, which involve a gradual shrinking of engagement with the world, occur in all areas of life. Older people lose roles they formerly had, that of worker, parent or friend. With each role loss the older person experiences an increasing sensory deprivation. There is a great need for older people to have sensory and social stimulation, and exercise can provide this.

At London Home Physio, we run one-to-one and group classes which focuses on strength, balance, posture and mobility. We include controlled deep breathing and relaxation techniques to older people who often have anxieties or concerns they are often afraid to share.


elderly boxing

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