Are your Feet Flat? Are you in pain? You might find this information useful!

Flat feet, or pes planus is a common problem affecting roughly 25% of the world’s population. Having low arches or even no arches can cause many problems that can affect the kinetic chain higher up, meaning the ankle joints, knee joints, hip joints, and spine. Our bodies require proper mechanics, and therefore if our foot is not in the most optimum position when we walk, another part of our body will have to compensate for the poor position of the foot, which may bring on pain!

Flat Arch Normal Arch

A number of conditions can arise from having flat feet. Plantarfascitis or inflammation of the plantarfascia may develop and can cause pain underneath your foot. With having poor biomechanics over a prolonged period of time, you can develop arthritis in the knee, shin splints, pirifomis syndrome (buttock pain) and even sciatica.

Many people tend to jump to conclusions thinking that they need steroid injections for pain relief, however my advice would be to first have a look at your feet. If you think your arches are dropped, there are exercises you can do to try and give some support back to the arch. Additionally, inserting an arch support or buying shoes with good arches can help realign the body’s biomechanics.

Feet Flat Pain

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