1st October – Older People’s Day! Why am I supporting it?

Older People’s Day is coming up on the 1st October 2014 and as a chartered physiotherapist I will be supporting it.

People these days are living longer with 23% of the UK will be aged 65 and over by 2035. Getting older is a natural process, which we just cannot avoid. As we age, our bones become more fragile, they degenerate, our muscle bulk reduces, and our circulation slows down. This impacts not only on our mobility but also our day-to-day function and the way we live our lives.

Physiotherapy really can help more people live well and live longer. The question you are probably asking yourself is: what is care of the elderly physiotherapy? This is physiotherapy that specialises in the management of conditions associated with ageing. These include:-
• osteoarthritis
• osteoporosis
• following surgery/ fracture or hospital stay
• stroke and other neurological conditions.

The type of treatment you are given depends on what your assessment shows and your needs. Physiotherapists can work with you to improve your:
• joint range of movement
• muscle strength
• posture
• balance
• functional activities
• mobility

The ultimate goal of physiotherapy is to improve your quality of life and to give you back your independence. This is why I am supporting Older People’s Day because I honestly believe that physiotherapy works and can make a difference.

If you have physical difficulties or if you know somebody who does, please call London Home Physio on 0207 096 0684 or email info@londonhp.com to book an initial assessment.

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