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Osteoporosis Programme

As defined by the National Osteoporosis Society, this is where the mesh-like structure in your bones become thin, causing your bones to become fragile and to break easily following a minor bump or a fall. The terms “fracture” means broken bone, and this can occur in different parts of your body, particularly your wrists, hips and spines.

Regular exercise is important throughout life. There is vast amounts of evidence for the benefits of exercise in post-menopausal women and men over 50. If you have osteoporosis, it is important that you follow an exercise regime that does not cause further damage to your bones.
At London Home Physio, we will carry out an extensive initial assessment and devise a personalised programme for you. This may include:

  • • Exercises to improve your posture
  • • Balance exercises to reduce your risk of falling
  • • Strength training
  • • Work on your flexibility
  • • Exercises to improve your mobility

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